Emergency Regulations Chang

Howard Prairie Reservoir - Ashland, OR (Jackson County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Emergency Regulations Change: From July 1 through Sept.30, all size limits and daily/possession limits are lifted for all game fish, due to low water and expected deteriorating water conditions by mid summer. Small personal watercraft and bank angling is possible. There is a low water ramp near the dam but even it is essentially non-usable with the low water. When the wind is up, there is usually a bit of a windbreak near the dam.  This is the more productive areas for bank angling.

The reservoir is at 4 percent capacity and is expected to reach deadpool by mid-summer.  Anglers should keep an eye out for harmful algae blooms at low reservoirs, and check the Oregon Health Authority website to learn how to be safe while fishing. 

The Rogue Fish District is still interested in anglers catch composition, so there are trout stocked with differential fin marks representing different fish stocks. Anglers interested in reporting their catch or learning more about this program and what to look for, are encouraged to call 541-857-2411 and speak with the local STEP Biologist. Specifically, look for clips on ventral fins or adipose fins in your catch.

There is a Hwy 66 and Hyatt Lake Rd webcam that may help if you’re planning an adventure. There is a Jackson County webcam at the Dead Indian Memorial Summit.

Howard Prairie resort campground is open and Willow Point, Klum Landing, Apserkaha, and Grizzly will be opening in mid to late May. More information on facilities can be found on Jackson County Parks website.  All other boat ramps are inaccessible except near the dam.