Monday Fishing Report

by Tradewinds Charters Staff
(541) 765-2345

It was one of those really rough days that charter boats see only a few times each year with difficult fishing both on the bottom fishing grounds and the salmon grounds.  Tomorrow however is another day and we will be out there working even harder to find the fish wanting to bite.

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Bottom fishing was much better today

Bottom fishing was much better today even though the weather was windy and choppy where the fishing took place. Much...... Read More

Saturday Fishing Report
The salmon bite today was minimal as we had rough ocean conditions along with a very thick fog.  Normally August type weather but here we are in late July.  Our one boat out there came home with 6-take home salmon and had a number of throw backs as well.  Tough conditions for any fishing this morning. The bottom fishing was like the salmon bite which also was minimal. The northerly winds have made the ocean temperatures drop from a very...... Read More