Monday Fishing Report

by Noelie Achen ( Vice President )
(541) 765-2345


The ODFW reported  this morning as of August 8th we have caught 42.5% of our 120,000 fish quota which equals to 50,991 Coho salmon caught in our zone.  That leaves around 70,000 fish left on our summer salmon quota which ends on August 28th.  We are almost assured totally of the season running out the season to August 28th as we have more then enough Coho salmon  left on the 120,000 fish quota.  Depoe Bay is right on the border line of 2nd place on the fish caught with 1.15 fish caught per angler trip and 5,811 total Coho caught.   It has been a great summer of salmon fishing.

(Bottom Fishing)

We also learned that at a management meeting the past few days that because the salmon fishing has been so good and at the same time takes pressure off the bottom fishing that our 5-fish limit will hopefully hold thru this 2021 season.

(Quillback/Copper/China Rockfish)

In talking to someone who seems to know a lot about how the quotas work the question of the Quillback quota came up.  It seems that the Depoe Bay area is prime for catching Quillback, Copper and China rockfish but we also have to cooperate with the other ports/area in our zone.  Some word is they are trying to establish area different guidelines for how that quota is determined based on our area being so strong for where the fish are in larger supply.

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