If you’ve got little kids, bluegill fishing from the bank can be a productive and fun

Lake Selmac - Selma, OR (Josephine County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

With all the wildfire smoke, temperatures will start to drop a bit out here, and in turn the water surface temperatures should drop. Surface temperatures were 75 degrees by mid-morning on Monday. Aquatic vegetation is becoming thick out here, but there are still open water patches for bank anglers. Boat based anglers are still picking up largemouth bass along the vegetation lines.

If you’ve got little kids, bluegill fishing from the bank can be a productive and fun. A simple setup of a small piece of nightcrawler under a bobber, or better yet, a small chironomid fly (simple wrapped hook) or prince nymph with 3-foot leader under a bobber/bubble should get a pretty quick strike. Try switching up flies and color patterns periodically if the action slows.

Trout anglers will want to fish off the bottom near the dam, where the deepest water is.

Boat owners should remove as much aquatic vegetation from their vessels as they can before leaving the boat ramps to avoid spreading aquatic hitchhikers.

The Resort at Lake Selmac is under new ownership. This is a great place to pick up a fishing license, bait, ice and snacks. Check them out. Camping is also available.

Lake Selmac facilities including most campgrounds, day use, and boat ramps are operated by Josephine County Parks are currently open. More information about Josephine County Parks can be found on their website.

Lake Selmac also has a recent non-native introduction of a bryozoan. Bryozoans are mossy like creatures that usually help to clean water and that are not typically harmful to humans.  However, this particular species has been known to harbor a disease that can be transmitted to salmon and steelhead. Please drain and dry your vessel if you are going to another water body and help stop Oregon’s aquatic hitchhikers!

Anglers are reminded that only 1 bass may be harvested from Selmac per day.

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