Tradewinds Charters Friday Report

by Tradewinds Charters Staff
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Only one report this morning and that was from one of our boats fishing out in the deep water off the Lincoln City Reefs about 6-7 miles north of the Depoe Bay harbor.  It was terrific fishing as after only about an hour we had over half of the Lingcod and about 10 rockfish (Canary’s) to start off the trip.  Then the same thing happened from a previous report a few days ago happened & the drift speed went from about a .7 all the way up to around the 1.6 knot rate.  Not as bad as the other day when that drift speed hit 2.6 knots.  They were still able to fish the deeper water (150-180 feet) but it made it more difficult to stay on the bottom to catch the remaining Lingcod.  Bottom line was they limited on the rockfish (all Canary’s except for one) and only came up two Lingcod short of a limit.  Beautiful ocean and a good day.

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