Tradewinds Charters Fishing Update

by Tradewinds Charters Staff
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The reports that we heard was that salmon fishing was quite slow this morning with not that many fish caught.  The action was also slow with the ocean seemingly a little dead this morning with not many birds working the water or anything.  Its only the first day of the September fishery and we did hear that boats off of Waldport had good action down there.  Those fish will be moving thru our area here pretty soon.

Bottom fishing

No reports thus far on the bottom fishery from the boats up north but we did have one boat that fished locally and limited out on rockfish and was home an hour and a half early.


Crabbing was also very good this morning with not a whole lot of information but the word was it was good.

More Reports

Tradewinds Charters Fishing Update
Salmon The September salmon season is here and opens tomorrow morning.  Should be a crowded day in Depoe Bay with hopefully lots of fish to catch and almost perfect weather (excluding the fog). Bottom fishing It was the kind of ay we have been looking for for around ten days now with good fishing in the shallow water and in the deep water.  Limits or close to l limits for all the passengers on our boats this morning. There were some Lingcod caught...... Read More

Big swell hit the Depoe Bay area yesterday
On this Labor Day and after the big swell that hit the Depoe Bay area yesterday afternoon and overnight the fishing was pretty slow with around 3-4 fish per person this morning.  The crabbing which has dropped off some in the past half week came in today around 3-crabs per person on the boat participating in the crabbing. ...... Read More