River is currently running at 9,000 cfs at the gage in Mehama

Santiam River ( North Fork) - Stayton, OR

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Many public access points along the river are still closed from last year’s wildfires, including Fisherman’s Bend, and all recreation areas along the Little North Fork. But Packsaddle Park has recently re-opened, which is just below Minto Dam. Anglers can still access the river from Stayton downstream and in a few places above such as the Mehama bridge and North Santiam State Park.

No recent fishing reports. River levels best for fishing are at or below 3,000 cfs, and the river is currently running at 9,000 cfs at the gage in Mehama. A lot of this water is coming out of Detroit Reservoir which currently being drawn down to provide flood storage for winter. Water clarity is fair. It is likely that flows will stay high throughout the week. Fishing can be difficult in these conditions.

Fishing for hatchery steelhead is open year-round but the run numbers were disappointingly low this year. Trout season has ended for the year and will start back up again on May 22.

For the next few months things are going to be fairly quiet as far as fishing on the river goes. There are still a few summer steelhead around, but the next run of spring chinook and summer steelhead won’t arrive until late April/early May.  Until then, catch-and-release for trout and winter steelhead are available. Anglers should be aware, however, that bait is no longer allowed after Oct. 31 and until April 22.

NOTICE: Fishermen’s Bend, Niagara County Park and Minto County Park are still closed due to wildfire damage. There are also sporadic traffic delays due to road repair and hazard tree removal along Hwy 22.

WARNING: There are several large, downed trees in the river creating some dangerous hazards for boaters. For more information check out the Oregon State Marine Board website.

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