About 5,000 legal rainbow trout were stocked here on Valentine’s day

Lake Selmac - Selma, OR (Josephine County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

About 5,000 legal rainbow trout were stocked here on Valentine’s day. This would be a great destination for this upcoming free fishing weekend. Weed growth is down and all boat ramps are accessible. Power bait from shore is probably a good bet for those fishing from shore. Trollers will want to fish small wedding rings tipped with a night crawler. Or troll a leech for some early season bass. The best bet is probably later afternoon as the water temp picks up a bit. The late winter/early spring months can actually be pretty good for bass fishing out here, and there is very little fishing competition or weeds to deal with.  

Bluegill fishing from shore will be fair with the water temps still pretty chilly, but still a small chironomid fly under a bobber, or very small piece of worm should pick up a few fish. This can be fun for the young anglers.  As always, switching up fly colors is recommended. With the cold lake temperatures, warm water fish are probably more apt to bite in the afternoon.

The Resort at Lake Selmac is under new ownership. This is a great place to pick up a fishing license, bait, ice and snacks. Check them out. Camping is also available.

Lake Selmac facilities including most campgrounds, day use, and boat ramps are operated by Josephine County Parks are currently open. More information about Josephine County Parks can be found on their website.

Lake Selmac has its share of non-native aquatic hitchhikers. Boat owners should do their part to remove as much vegetation as possible while leaving the ramp, as well as drain and dry their vessel before using another waterbody. Lake Selmac has had a recent introduction of a non-native bryozoan. Bryozoans are mossy like creatures that usually help to clean water and that are not typically harmful to humans. However, this particular species has been known to harbor a disease that can be transmitted to salmon and steelhead. Please help stop the spread of Oregon’s aquatic hitchhikers!

Anglers are reminded that only 1 bass may be harvested from Selmac per day.

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