Rains Bring Steelhead Up the Umpqua

Umpqua River - Roseburg, OR (Douglas County)

by Kevin Brock

It's 2022... and we have a brand-new season of fishing ahead of us!
Here's a quick summary for the upcoming season, with more details below:
March: Umpqua River steelhead
April: Striped bass in Sacramento River, Feather River, and Delta
May: Sacramento River wild trout
June: Sacramento River wild trout, Lake Oroville salmon and bass
July: Alaska's Togiak River (2022 booked, now taking reservations for 2023 and 2024)
August, September, October: Sacramento River king salmon
Here are some more details:
March: Umpqua River Steelhead
In March, I'll be running Oregon fishing trips on the Umpqua River for big sea-run steelhead trout. We'll be fishing out of Canyonville, Oregon, which is located just north of Grant's Pass on Interstate 5.
The Umpqua River kicks out 20 pound steelhead every year. For the last several years, March has been the peak time for these drift boat trips, so that's when we'll be there.
In recent news, it's been raining in the Umpqua River watershed again, and that's just we we needed after the recent dry spell.
The steelhead fishing is starting to get good again in the main, north, and south forks of the Umpqua. These can be large steelhead too, up in the high teens and some days even bigger.
Many of these returning sea-run steelhead are hatchery fish, so there is a good chance of taking a few home to eat.
Steelhead can be some of the hardest fighting, most acrobatic fish around. They'll hit with a hard jolt, then take off like the jumping, drag-pulling silver bullets they are. It's like fish with afterburners!
Fishing should be good the next several weeks or through March. We'll be side drifting or pulling plugs for the silver rockets.
This exciting fishing is an easy drive straight up I-5 to Canyonville, Oregon. You'll want to stay at the Seven Feathers Casino Resort in Canyonville. From there, we'll fish whichever branch of the river looks best for that day.
It's a popular fishing trip, so if you want to go you'll want to call 800-995-5543 right away to reserve your spot for Umpqua River steelhead fishing. I'll look forward to seeing you there!
April: Striped bass
In April, I'll be fishing the striped bass run in the Feather and Sacramento Rivers near Colusa. The hot spots for stripers vary as the run spreads up the river systems, but we'll always be fishing in the best locations.
These striper trips are great family trips. They are easy trips close to home, and kids of all ages have a blast with the scrappy stripers.
During your Colusa visit, the legendary Kittle's Outdoor & Sports in Colusa is a great place to visit, and the Colusa Chamber of Commerce can answer any questions you might have. If staying in the area, the Colusa Riverside Inn is near the river and has good rates for fishermen.
May-June: Sacramento River wild trout, Lake Oroville salmon and bass
May and June are really nice months to fish here in Northern California. The weather is nice, lakes are filling up, and fish are biting. We'll be fishing for jumbo Sacramento River wild trout, and in scenic Lake Oroville for lake salmon and bass.
The Sacramento River wild trout fishery is truly exceptional. The clear, cold waters from Lake Shasta dam feed this section of the river, and support a prolific fishery of big wild rainbow trout.
Lake Oroville trips are also quite popular with families and kids. The fishing can be quite good, and the scenic views add to a memorable trip.
July: Togiak River in Alaska!
And now, for the lifetime trip you've been waiting for... Alaska!
In July this year, we'll be fishing the world-famous Togiak River in Alaska.
Can you imagine 20-30 kings a day? Epic wilderness for miles? You bet! This is the real Alaska remote fishing experience.
You'll be staying at the comfortable, fully equipped Togiak River Lodge. Check out the website for videos, pictures, and details. It's an incredible trip!
Spots are filling up fast, though. This year (2022) is already booked, but I'm taking reservations now for 2023 and 2024 Togiak trips. If you're seriously interested in this Alaska adventure with Kevin Brock as your guide, let me know at 800-995-5543. 
August to October: Sacramento River king salmon
In the fall I'll be fishing closer to home for Sacramento River king salmon. These popular trips feature good fishing for salmon up to 30 pounds or so, and are an easy day trip for most.
That's the exciting news for now. It looks like a great season ahead, and I'm looking forward to having you along for some great fishing.
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Kevin Brock (Captain/Owner)