Temporary Rule Adopted for Personal Watercraft Operations on the Willamette River

Willamette River - Portland, OR (Lane County)

by Oregon State Marine Board
(503) 378-8587

The Oregon State Marine Board agreed to a temporary rule on the Willamette River during their quarterly Board meeting held on April 7, in Bend.

This temporary rule restricts the operation of personal watercraft in a manner that exceeds 75 dBA measured as specified in the shoreline sound level measurement procedure for recreational motorboats on the Willamette River from Willamette Falls (River Mile 26.6) downstream to the Waverly Marina (River Mile 16.9). The temporary rule is in place from April 8 through October 3, 2022.

This temporary rule is needed to suspend the disruptive activities of some personal watercraft operators in a populated section of the Willamette River. The repetitive use of excessively loud personal watercraft in this stretch is causing significant disturbance to the nearby residential areas. Agency staff will continue to work with stakeholders on a permanent solution.

This rule change and a permanent resolution to noise disturbance from personal watercraft were supported by the cities of Gladstone, Lake Oswego, and Milwaukie, as well as the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners.

To learn more, visit the agency’s materials for their April Board meeting and view the temporary rule notice.