ODFW monitoring North Umpqua summer steelhead, preparing for possible angling closures

North Umpqua River - Roseburg, OR (Douglas County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

ROSEBURG, Ore – ODFW is increasing monitoring for North Umpqua summer steelhead returns and is preparing anglers for possible closures.

On May 1, ODFW will begin conducting a full census count of summer steelhead crossing Winchester Dam instead of the standard estimation. This count, along with historic run size and timing will help biologists decide if angling closures are needed this summer

Similar to recent years, angling near tributary mouths in the mainstem Umpqua will likely be closed this year to further protect North Umpqua summer steelhead.

In 2021, just 450 wild summer steelhead reached Winchester Dam, the lowest counted since records began in 1946.

ODFW is encouraging the public to take steps to help summer steelhead as well. One simple way is to practice good catch-and-release techniques. Tip can be found at myodfw.com. Tips include landing the fish quickly, using barbless hooks and appropriate gear, and keeping the fish in the water as much as possible.


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