Near Rockfish Limits with a lot of Crab

by Sunrise Sportfishing

Howdy y'all. It's your friend Trejan on the Sunrise again. Today we fished and crabbed with 14 anglers. After we left the harbor, we headed about 15 minutes north to set our crab pots. After we set our pots, we headed south, back towards the harbor. We started our first drift after a short 5 minute travel. During our first drift, we ended up getting 6 bass. Our second drift was silimar with us catching catching 7 bass but an angler caught a 30inch Lincod as well. We caught a consistent amount of bass almost every drift and at the end of the trip we were just 7 bass away from limiting out. We then went back to our crab pots when we were nearing the end of our trip. Almost all of the crab pots had 4+ crab per pot and we ended up with 43 crab in total. Almost everyone walked away with their limit and everyone got at least 3 crab a person. Overall, it was a fun trip and a good haul of rockfish and crab.

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Sunrise (OR)

Captain Craig Calkins
Tradewinds Charters
Depoe Bay, OR

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