Winter steelhead are still being caught in the upper Rogue on a regular basis

Rogue River- Upper - Medford, OR (Jackson County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Anglers are reminded that the Hatchery Hole, which encompasses the blocker dam to 1200 feet below, is closed to ALL fishing from April 1 through July 31. It is also closed year-round to Chinook fishing.

Trout fishing is closed from April 1 through May 21. This is to protect out migrating wild steelhead smolts. This closure includes catch and release fishing for trout at this time as well.

Winter steelhead are still being caught in the upper Rogue on a regular basis. Due to drought conditions in the larger spawning tributaries, more mainstem spawning of winter fish is occurring this year, and anglers are asked to be aware of redds in shallow tailouts and along river margins. Avoid walking or dragging vessels on these.

However, the recent rains should be getting more fish into tributaries. River conditions are still good for floating below Rogue Elk Park. Upstream of there, the river is pretty boney with only 687 cfs coming out of the dam and Big Butte Creek churning out 176 cfs. Most steelhead fishing has been targeting fish in the Takelma to Rogue Elk Region. Fishing the Touvelle and Denman Wildlife area may still churn out some winter fish. 

Wild winter steelhead retention ends April 30. Only 1 wild fish 24 inches or greater, can be harvested per day as part of the daily limit, and 3 wild fish in aggregate for the year in the Rogue and other waterbodies of the SW zone where wild steelhead may be harvested. Consult the 2022 sportfishing regulations and SW zone for more information. 

Chinook anglers may want to start exploring. The first Chinook entered the hatchery April 19. No wild Chinook retention is allowed at this time, only hatchery fish may be harvested. There is never wild Chinook retention allowed above Dodge Bridge. 

As of April 27, 118 new winter steelhead entered the hatchery with 742 fish for the year to date. The second spring Chinook of the season also showed up in the ladder bringing the count to two fish for the season.

Trout anglers will want to start checking out the Holy Water, as that is the only trout fishing available in the Rogue until May 22. Anglers are reminded that the Holy Water is fly angling only and catch and release. 

The Dodge Bridge gauge is 1,260 cfs and on a slow drop.The temperature was at 49 degrees on Wednesday morning. Flows out of the dam are 687 cfs and 45 degrees. You can check all the USGS Rogue gauges here.

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