An ocean not for the weak of heart

by Kimberly Ann Sportfishing
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The Kimberly Ann ventured out on a very windy ocean this morning with quite a bit of wind generated wind chop on top of a 4-5 foot swell.  It was certainly a challenging ocean this morning but the crew onboard did a “fantastic job” of the challenge of the elements which included a wind driven rain as well.  On our first drift we caught around five fish and on the second drift did not find one biter.  We changed spots and the third drift proved to be our last one as the fish on all six poles were coming up fast and furious.  I had to tell the folks to stop fishing as we were on our limit and actually had to throw back one fish to keep our fish totes legal.  Unfortunately we did not catch any Lingcod this morning and never even touched one I believe on our retrieves.  Lingcod tend to stay right on the bottom and with a really heavy current this morning not sure that was something which was possible.  The grade of rockfish however was made up of really big fish so our crew went home with bags full of fish filets.  Weather improving as this day goes on and next week looks like possibly SPRING.

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Kimberly Ann

Captain Richard Newton
Tradewinds Charters
Depoe Bay, OR

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