Limits and a Wide Assortment of Rockfish

by Sunrise Sportfishing

Hey guys, it Trejan on the Sunrise. Today we left the harbor at 6am and departed with 20 anglers. We had our crab pots already out today, so we headed straight for the fishing grounds. We decided to stay more local today than heading north. We traveled for about 5 before we started our first drift. During our first drift, we got 3 fish and a few Lingcod that weren't big enough to keep. We then caught 4 on the second and 8 on the third. Our 4th drift was similar to the third until  half way through, when we started catching fish like crazy. We ended up getting about 1/5 of our boats limit on just the 4th drift. We continued to catch 4-10 fish per drift until we limited out in a little over 2 and a half hours. We then Lingcod fished for the remaining time until we went crabbing. Crabbing was alright but it wasn't as good as the previous two days. After we went crabbing, we headed back into the harbor which was only 10 minutes away. It was a nice and calm day today so it was a great day for fishing, and it was an even better day to be on the Sunrise.

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Sunrise (OR)

Captain Craig Calkins
Tradewinds Charters
Depoe Bay, OR

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