Extremely Quick Limits And A Variety of Rockfish

by Sunrise Sportfishing

Howdy Y'all, it's Trejan on the Sunrise. Today was the first day of the season where we ran 2 fishing trips in a day. Both trips were similar, as in we limited out quick in both of them. On our first trip, we limited out in our first hour. On our second trip, we limited out in a little under 2 hours. For both trips, we got a variety of rockfish ranging from Black Sea Bass, to Copper Rockfish. After we limited out, we decided to go Lingcod fishing for a couple hours. After Lingcod fishing, we went crabbing. What was interesting though, was that we caught 1 octopus on our first trip, and 2 on our second. We then concluded our trips by heading back in the harbor. There was really nice wheather, and it was a great day to go fishing.

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Sunrise (OR)

Captain Craig Calkins
Tradewinds Charters
Depoe Bay, OR

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