Green Drakes have definitely ramped up

Metolius River - Metolius Springs, OR (Jefferson County)

by The Fly Fishers Place

The Metolius Green Drakes have definitely ramped up the hatch action since last weekend. Between about 3 and 5 PM most afternoons you can expect to see a solid drake hatch from Candle Creek up to Canyon Creek. Be prepared with emergers and duns and you’ll have more success. Also, some of these fish are rising in very heavy currents, so having a few high floating flies like a Wulff style drake is a darn good idea.

PMD’s are hatching before the drakes and that is cool because it extends your dry fly opportunities by at least an hour or two from sometime after noon to about 3 or 4, depending on the day, and to a certain extent where you are on the river. Rusty Spinner falls have been coming to the river in the evening, pretty close to dusk.

Caddis hatches are improving with the season, and will also improve with the weather.
Euro Nymphing is quite productive on natural colored perdigons, especially browns and olives with an orange hot spot. Micro May’s and 2 Bits to match PMD size and color are really good. Golden Stones, while not hatching yet are certainly important as nymphs.

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