Currently flows are around 10,000 cfs

Santiam River (South Fork) - Sweet Home, OR (Linn County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Fishing is generally best when flows are below 3,000 cfs. Currently flows are around 10,000 cfs at the Waterloo gauge, which is too high for anglers to try their luck. Flows may improve enough by the weekend to wet a line.  

Hatchery steelhead fishing is open year-round. So far around 2,500 summer steelhead have crossed Willamette Falls, and some of them have made it to the base of Foster Dam, but they can currently be targeted throughout the river.

Chinook salmon returns have really taken off with hundred more arriving every day at Willamette Falls. They are beginning to arrive in good numbers in the basin. Once flows drop down to a more comfortable level anglers should be able to target them. 

Hatchery trout harvest season reopened on May 22. Fishing with bait is only allowed between April 22 and Oct 31. Anglers are reminded that only fin-clipped trout may be kept.

As of June 10, the East Fork of the Owyhee below the dam was flowing at 32 cfs
Owyhee River - East Fork

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