As of July 6, 437 new summer steelhead entered the hatcher

Rogue River - Middle - Grants Pass, OR (Josephine County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Chinook fishing is in full swing in the upper river. Bank and boat anglers are picking up fish.   Bank anglers are picking up fish around the Casey Park and McGregor fishing access areas and slightly downstream. Drift boat anglers are using sardine, tuna, or ghost shrimp-wrapped Mag Lips or Kwikfish, or back bouncing roe.

Beginning July 1, wild chinook may be retained from Fishers Ferry to Dodge Bridge. Wild Chinook harvest is closed year-round above Dodge Bridge. Wild chinook caught in areas not legal for retention should be immediately released unharmed, Anglers can practice good stewardship for these fish by limiting the handling of them, and avoid removing them from the water while unhooking them for release. Stewardship tips are on page 15 of the sportfishing regulations. If a photo is necessary, do so quickly by having camera equipment ready and keep the fish’s head in the water until ready for the quick photo.

Anglers are seeing hatchery Chinook in the catch, and a recycling of excess spring Chinook (193 Chinook) last occurred on July 1 in the Touvelle/Modoc Vicinity. 

Trout fishing is open in the Rogue with a daily bag limit of 5 adipose fin-clipped (hatchery) trout. Wild trout must be immediately released unharmed. Salmon flies are done, so most trout action will be subsurface on nymphs.

Wild steelhead retention is closed. Hatchery steelhead retention is open year-round. The summer steelhead run has been very good for still being very early in the year. Seems to be off to a very good start with a number of fish being hooked between salmon holes by anglers side drifting, or even trout anglers getting them on salmonfly imitations. With higher water, plugs are also working. 483 summer steelhead were recycled back into the fishery at Touvelle State Park on July 1, so fishing between Touvelle and Tekelma would be a good reach to target.on

Anglers are reminded that the Hatchery Hole, which encompasses the blocker dam to 1200 feet below, is closed to ALL fishing from April 1 through July 31. It is also closed year-round to Chinook fishing.

As of July 6, 437 new summer steelhead entered the hatchery, making the run 1097 fish for the year (the highest return over the last 10 years to date).  Also, 896 spring Chinook entered the hatchery, bringing the run to date to 3292 fish. Anglers can subscribe to the most current fish counts or visit the fish counts website as updated counts are not always available at the writing of the recreation report.

Dodge Bridge and McCloud are good gauges to check before you head out on the water if fishing the upper Rogue.  You can check all the USGS Rogue gauges here.

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