On and On!

by Katie Robertson
(541) 765-2345

Thank you Tradewinds captains and crew! We are so fortunate to have a fleet with the level of skill and experience that ours does and we appreciate all they do to bring our guests memories that will last a lifetime. 

Bottom Fishing remains a consistent, hardy fishery that rarely disappoints in this area with our nearly 100 reefs for fish and crab to flock to. Crabbing dropped off just a tad today with the average being about 6 per person. 

Salmon conditions are holding steady as people have been getting at least one a round with about twice as many throwbacks giving our patrons tons of action! 

No matter which trip you choose or your experience level there is something for everyone here and we would love to show you all the ocean has to offer. Book your next trip online or over the phone at (541) 765-2345. Quit Wishin’!


If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (541) 765-2345.

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