What an exciting day for Bait n Wait Charters

Detroit Reservoir - Detroit, OR

by Bernie Hoene

What an exciting day for Bait n Wait Charters...Thank you so much Shawn for fishing with me again. We had a serious bite going on all day finishing up at 1030. I think it was the cigars that did it! 20 kokanee, all 15 inches and just fatties. Enjoy those fillets, and thank you for the wonderful cigar. Todays catch was in part to the top quality Santiam kokanee rods. Additionally, the KokaneeKid pink twisted hoochies and PPE were the lure of choice and have been for the past several days. Remember to hit those hoochies with a UV light to entice that kokanee bite at depths. Today we were at 68 feet with 26 foot set backs. The speed was 1.4.
Tight lines & Safe boating,

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