The river is exceedingly clear and flows are low

Williamson River

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

The river is exceedingly clear and flows are low, which can make for challenging fishing. Redband from the lake are in exceptional condition. Many types of tiny mayflies are hatching including Mahogany duns and Blue winger olives. Large caddisflies such as October caddis and silver striped sedge are hatching. Large redband trout are moving towards their spawning grounds.

Many fly-anglers fish with a clear intermediate fly line on long, light fluorocarbon leaders. Making long casts can increase success. In some areas nymphing with an indicator can be productive. 

Anglers can launch boats at the ODFW boat ramp near Dollar General, The Waterwheel Campground or the Sportsman Retreat. Smaller watercraft can also be launched at Collier State Park and take out at Clyde’s Market. No fishing from a boat is allowed in this stretch.

Please practice the best catch-and-release methods. Do not remove the fish from the water. Net the fish and dropping or even gently laying the fish in the boat can remove slime and scales thus reducing survival. These fish are already stressed from leaving the lake.

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