Chetco is Low and Clear

Chetco River - Brookings, OR (Curry County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Low and clear. Steelhead fishing has been slow, but rains this week should improve fishing conditions. Boat anglers are faring the best.

ODFW is conducting several projects on the river. Anglers can participate in the Chetco River angler caught winter steelhead broodstock program by signing up and receiving a permit.  ODFW also has crews conducting angler creel and spawning ground surveys to monitor angling pressure on the river, steelhead catch and wild steelhead spawning. Surveys are indicating quite a few steelhead have moved into the tributaries staging to spawn. It is a busy time on the Chetco River and anglers can find out more about either program by contacting the ODFW Gold Beach office at 541-247-7605

There are new license requirements to fish for winter steelhead in 2023 on south coast rivers and anglers should check the new regulation book prior to fishing. In particular, anglers that used to buy their license as a guest will now need to establish an ODFW Angler ID Number.

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