The Nestucca River is a little high but still fishable

Nestucca River - Pacific, OR

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

The Nestucca River is a little high but still fishable, and should drop into good shape for the weekend. It will be a good bet for those trying to catch a hatchery steelhead this weekend.  There are hatchery and wild (catch-and-release only for wilds) steelhead throughout the fishery, and fresh fish still coming in. The hatchery steelhead run on the Nestucca continues until early April. There are several popular drift boat runs on the river and some good bank access on the upper reaches.

River levels and predictions for the Nestucca are available here.

REMINDER: Elk Creek is the deadline for all fishing (trout and steelhead) on the Upper Nestucca, and it is closed to all fishing upstream of that point.