No reports of spring Chinook being caught

Umpqua River - Roseburg, OR (Douglas County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Winter steelhead fishing has slowed in the mainstem Umpqua, but some are still being caught closer to the confluence. Catch rates of hatchery fish are notably lower than regular due to loss of winter steelhead smolts in 2020.

There are still no reports of spring Chinook being caught, but more anglers have been trying their luck this week. Over the next week we are expecting quite a bit of rain, so anglers may have to hit the river is muddied up or wait for it to come down a bit. After the rain and when the river begins to clear may be a great time to catch a Chinook on the mainstem.

Spring Chinook runs until June 30. Wild spring Chinook may be harvested this year with a bag limit of 1 per day and 5 total from the mainstem Umpqua. This is in aggregate with the North Umpqua limit of wild Chinook of ten total Chinook per season. Anglers may still retain two adults per day, but only one may be wild (unclipped).

Anglers are encouraged to submit steelhead snouts in barrels stationed at many boat ramps throughout the Umpqua drainage, or at the ODFW office in Roseburg. These snouts are being used in a study to optimize angling opportunities while maintaining a healthy fishery. Anglers who submit snouts may be entered into monthly drawings for gift cards to Sportsman’s Warehouse. Email [email protected] for more information on the program and locations of collection barrels.

More Reports

OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Reports
for Wednesday, March 8th
Prinevile Reservoir: Prineville Reservoir is slowly filling
Alsea River: The later returning wild broodstock hatchery fish are being caught in the NF Alsea
Kilchis River: If the rains come in as predicted it should be in pretty good shape early to middle of next week
Miami River: Miami remains low and clear but should get a nice bump early next week
Necanicum River: Will be in pretty good shape early to middle of next week
Nehalem River: Nehalem River Fishing Report
Nehalem River- North Fork: Upcoming rains should have it fishable through the weekend
Nestucca River: Fishing has been moderate but consistent on the Nestucca
Salmon River: The river is low and clear and fishing pressure has been consistent
Siletz River: We are seeing newer fish push into the system
Siuslaw River: The colder temps have made the Siuslaw challenging but conditions have remained fair
: Trask River Fishing Report
Wilson River: The Wilson has been low and clear but there are still fish being caught consistently
Applegate Reservoir: The elevation of the reservoir is close to the 1,906-foot mark and the surface temperature is 40oF
Applegate River: The Applegate River is open to trout and steelhead fishing through March 31
Ben Irving Reservoir: Trout fishing has been slow over the past couple of weeks
Chetco River: Anglers will want to keep an eye on flows
Cooper Creek Reservoir: Trout fishing may be good on warmer days
Elk River: Good time of year to run plugs as steelhead are getting pretty aggressive
Emigrant Reservoir: Emigrant is 23 percent full
Garrison Lake: ODFW conducted some sample netting last week
Howard Prairie Reservoir: Howard Prairie is at 18 percent full
Illinois River: River conditions are forecast to spike significantly over the weekend and early next week
Rogue River - Middle: Current flow is around 1,750 cfs
Rogue River- Upper: The release from Lost Creek Reservoir is in the 1,050 cfs vicinity

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