ODFW Recreation Report

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Take the family fishing

We make it easy to take your family fishing – with free fishing events, recommended family-friendly fishing locations, and how-tos on everything from buying your gear to cooking your catch.

Waiting for big game draw results?

Mark your calendars for June 12, because that’s the new deadline for posting the draw results. Here’s how to check your results.

There’s another way to win a tag

Big game raffle tickets are just $4.50 each and are on sale until May 26. These tags have an extended season and are in addition to a controlled or general season tag. Learn how to enter to win.

10 good bets for weekend fishing

We hope you had a chance to check at least one thing off this list we created last week. If so, you’ve still got several more to go!

  1. Trout. May is a huge month for trout stocking, and it seems as if we’re putting fish almost everywhere. Check the stocking schedule for locations near you.
  2. Bass. Finding good bass fishing is almost as easy as finding good trout fishing. Bass are moving into shallower waters for spawning, making them easier targets for anglers. Check the zones reports for the best fishing.
  3. Kokanee. Anglers are landing kokanee at Lemolo Reservoir, Detroit Reservoir, Green Peter Reservoir, Lake Billy Chinook, Wickiup Reservoir, Odell Lake and Wallowa Lake. Find even more locations and tips for catching them.
  4. Spring Chinook. If you’ve been dreaming of a spring Chinook fillet on the grill, try the lower Columbia tributaries, Rogue (lower, middle and upper), mainstem and North Umpqua and Willamette rivers. Look for this list to grow in the coming weeks.
  5. Crappie. Crappie are excellent table fare, and you might catch your dinner at any of several reservoirs like Fern Ridge, JC Boyle, Owyhee, Pilcher, Wolf Creek and those on the Snake River. Learn more about crappie fishing.
  6. Shad. Anglers might find some early returners in the Coos and Coquille basins.
  7. Striped bass. You may find a lunker in the Coquille or Smith rivers.
  8. Surfperch. Fish come closer to shore to spawn in late spring and early summer. Here are some tips for catching them.
  9. Halibut. Seasons are open and fishing can be good when ocean conditions permit.
  10. Razor clams. The Clatsop County beaches are now open for razor clamming, and diggers are reporting big clams. Here’s how to dig for them.

Need more intel or ideas? Check out the zone reports.

Take an ODFW fishing, hunting or archery class

Workshops are hands-on and designed to get you out and doing.

  • Introduction to hunting in Oregon seminar.
  • Archery and bowhunting skills workshop.
  • Wizard Falls fly-fishing workshop.

Find dates, locations and all the details you’ll need to register.

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