Winter steelhead are still moving about the Siletz basin

Siletz River - Lincoln City, OR

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Winter steelhead are still moving about the Siletz basin. We have seen a few fresh fish in the upper basin but most of the last winter steelhead we’re seeing are colored up. Fish have also been seen spawning in the mid-upper mainstem. There will be a gap in active fishing as the winter steelhead run ends and the summer steelhead run begins in a few weeks.

Going into the weekend the Siletz will be your best bet for any early summer steelhead coming back into the basin. Expect to see a decline in fish activity as we move further into May with most of the fish pushing high into the system.

The Siletz has peaked for winter steelhead, and we have not seen any more the past few weeks. January-March is the typical peak for winter steelhead fishing on the Siletz River. It has been slow the past week with a significant drop in pressure and activity for winter steelhead.

Trout fishing in streams will reopen May 22, 2023.

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