Medco Pond Fish Report

Medco Pond - Medford, OR (Jackson County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Medco has been stocked several times with rainbow trout over the last few months. Bluegill and other warmwater fishing from shore should be excellent and can be very fun for young anglers. PowerBait or worms work well for trout, but really, this pond is all about warmwater fishing.

A small chironomid fly fished under a very small bobber can be very good for the bluegill and offers the added benefit of not having to bait hooks constantly. Add a few small split shot to help with casting if using a spinning rod.

Medco Pond is a private pond and access can be revoked at any time. Bank anglers should stay away from the east portion of the lake, again due to private property, and stay on the road side of the gate with any vehicles (even if gate is open). To help keep access open, anglers should make sure to pick up their trash, as well as other trash when they are there.

The owners of Medco have restricted vehicle access to along the roadway because of vandals and dumpers. The small boat ramp at the south end of the lake is currently gated, and a sign has been posted that the pond is closed to all boats, including personal watercraft. If you see someone doing something that may risk access for everyone, please let ODFW know.

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