Salmon-tastic Sunday!

by Mellissa Sumner
(541) 765-2345

Salmon season ended with a bang, reaching limits for all on board the Tribute once again! The Kadaho went out on the last trifecta of the season nearing limits on salmon and rockfish.

Morning Star, Outer Limits, Mr. Max, and Mariner had a great day bottom fishing and crabbing, just a few fish short of limits. They reeled in some awesome Cabazon and Huge Lings, while crabbing was slightly slower. 

Due to an equinox swell, there won't be trips out into the big blue tomorrow. Call (541)765-2345 or go online to and book your next trip today!

Quit Wishin’ Go Fishin’ 🎣 and Whale Watching Too 🐳

If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (541) 765-2345.

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