Reservoir levels are expected to slowly rise throughout the late winter and spring

Detroit Reservoir - Detroit, OR

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Reservoir levels are expected to slowly rise throughout the late winter and spring to get it filled for the summer. Mongold boat ramp is available to launch boats. This time of year, your quarry will be trout and kokanee. Anglers can bank fish from access points such as Mongold State Park or Detroit Flats Day Use area. Water levels are slowly rising now that storage season has begun. ‌

It's always a good idea to check the water levels at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers website before using the boat ramps. For the latest information on water levels at Detroit Reservoir check with the Army Corps of Engineers' website for more information. ‌

Detroit Reservoir is one of the premier kokanee fisheries in the state, but this time of year their natural food items are in short supply, which is slowing down their metabolism. But anglers catch some even in winter. ‌

Trout are available and active year-round. Pretty much all techniques will catch fish, but it might take some experimenting to find out what is most effective on the day you're out there. Trout are usually stocked from April through July. ‌

The reservoir was stocked with trout during the spring and summer with many of these fish throughout the fall and winter and into next year. As a reminder, anglers are allowed to keep up to five trout, with an additional five fish kokanee bag limit. ‌

Also, as a reminder to anglers, fishing for and harvesting Chinook in the lake and the rivers above is prohibited. Any Chinook caught in Detroit must be released unharmed. ‌

Anglers are encouraged to report their catch on an on-line form. Remember to indicate whether the fish you catch have their adipose fin or not. This information will allow ODFW to manage the fishery for the benefit of both recreational anglers and the resource.