This is the time of year when everything in your tacklebox can work

Henry Hagg Lake - Gaston, OR (Washington County)

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

As we start seeing some warming trends, look for bass staging at mid-depth ledges, close to shallow water in their pre-spawn areas. When the shallow water warms, fish will move to these areas to feed and build spawning beds. They will generally feed opportunistically during this time of year trying to fatten up for the spawn.‌

This is the time of year when everything in your tacklebox can work. Try using lures that mimic crawdads near spawning areas, this technique can pay dividends on catching larger female bass as the crawdads begin to crawl out of their winter burrows. A good rule of thumb is to find areas on the north end of the lake that receive sunlight and warm first, then look for spawning areas with deep water access.‌

Crappie during this time period tend to move into creek mouths and coves to feed near spawning banks. Look for brush near or on the edge of deeper water that will attract baitfish and the crappie that are likely below them. Small baitfish imitations either casted or vertically jigged can be effective. Slow trolling the edges of shallow banks where fish are staging can be effective as well. ‌

Trout can be found in the top of the water column during this time of year, trolling spinners and small spoons can be effective but don't overlook plunking some PowerBait on gravel bottoms near the shore as these fish will travel along the banks looking for food. Sometimes they will be found at the depth of the thermocline looking for the higher oxygenated water that accompanies the cooler temperatures.‌

Current reservoir level can be found here. ‌

Hagg Lake is one of western Oregon's largest lakes and is a premier warmwater fishing destination. The lake is home to both the state record smallmouth bass and bullhead catfish.‌

Maintained and operated by Washington County, the park features numerous picnic areas, two boat launching facilities, more than 15 miles of hiking trails, and observation decks for wildlife and bird watching. The lake and lake park are currently open, although users are encouraged to check the Hagg Lake Park website, as conditions can change.

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