Updates at Upper and Lower Williamson River

Williamson River

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Upper Williamson River:

The giant Hex mayfly hatch has started. These giant mayflies hatch around 9 p.m. Fishing should be only fair for redband trout due to past drought and there are few redband trout on public lands. Targeting brook trout near Deep Creek is another option. ‌

Past drought from 2020- 2022 have affected adult redband trout numbers. Flows are good for fishing. Fishing on the private pay-to-fish ranches on the Sand Creek and Yamsi Ranches should be excellent for brook trout with redband trout mixed in. 

Lower Williamson River:

The giant Hex mayfly hatch has started. Fishing is best below Modoc Point Road but progresses upstream to Chiloquin. The mayflies hatch around 900 pm. Please remember no bait, catch-and-release for redband trout and no treble hooks. Fishing on opening day was good for small redband trout in the 8– to 16-inch range but poor for larger fish. ‌

Numerous mayflies are hatching, therefore small pheasant tail nymphs fished on clear intermediate fly lines with fluorocarbon leaders can be effective. Golden stoneflies are hatching and yellow sally stoneflies as well. The river has excellent tannin coloration below the Sprague River confluence. The June Hogs (redband) should be moving into the river. ‌

The river above the Sprague River confluence is crystal clear with few redband trout, currently. This section has more brown trout. Brown trout can be targeted above and below Spring Creek. ‌

Large streamers and leech patterns are more effective lower in the river towards the mouth. Check Williamson River Flows. 


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