Deschutes River Fish Report 05-20-07

Deschutes River - Maupin, OR


Welll it's that time of year again! You never know when the exact time will be when it seems you can do no wrong and the fishing is just through the roof! Salmonflys nymphs and are in the shallows in the upper and lower streches of the river. The adults are showing in and around the town of Maupin. Fishing has been great if you are in the right spots. The inside seam that you caught your steelhead in last year might have some fish in it but the majority of the fish are in tight to shore tucked under trees, in the micro eddies and foam lines that define the deschutes. There is a great chance to get into a Green drake hatch especially on an overcast, drizzely day. If I see one drake I change my fly as this can be a quick event that usually ends up with people shaking their heads in disbelief that there could be that many fish in a 20x20 area! Point being make sure you got some green drake patters in your box.?? This is the time of year to stop reading reports get off of that chair and go fishing!??

There is a boat in whitehore rapids that is expected to be salvaged on tuesday. This can be a major event with rigging everywhere and you may not be able to pass through.