Lower Deshutes Fish Report 05-24-07

Deschutes River- Lower - Maupin, OR

by The Riffle Fly Shop
(541) 388.3330

The Salmonflies and Golden Stones are rolling from Warm Springs down to the Maupin area! Fish are keyed in to the big bugs in certain areas, but not all. Pay attention to the density of bugs on the streamside vegetation and fish where the bug are thickest. Afternoons are better than mornings as the insects get more active later in the day. In the morning nymphing continues to be productive with the hot flies beeing emergent sparkle pupae, soft hackles, and small mayfly nymphs in dark colors. We are still seeing good caddis activity in the evenings, and PMD's are starting to show up with much better frequency as well. The back eddies are starting to fish pretty well with small dries. Water temps are into the low 50's near Warm Springs now.