Crooked river fish report 06-06-07

Crooked River - Prineville, OR

by The Caddis Fly Shop
(541) 342-7005

The Crooked continues to be stable at around 250cfs, but the fishing is still nothing to write about, so I won't.

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Metolius River Fish Report 06-06-07
Metolius River
The Green Drake hatch is our favorite hatch of the year on this river and it's just now rolling! These big clumsy mayflies bring almost every trout in the river to the surface when the hatch really gets going. The Drakes are being joined by regular PMD hatches as well as plenty of caddis and little stones. Fish a dry on the Metolius this next week! Long leaders and fine tippets rule. Bull trout fishing has begun to slow down...... Read More

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