Deschutes River Fish Report 07-02-07

Deschutes River - Maupin, OR

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

Caddis, PMD's, a few PED's, Yellow Sallies, and Craneflies highlight the extensive menu available to these noble Redsides.???? PMD's will begin in the early afternoon and either peter out (bright) or endure (clouds), with a slight lull until PED's show up later in the afternoon.?? As for the caddis, fish stationed near heavy riparian foliage will be well familiar with windblown adults that have been accumulating for weeks (and ants, and beetles, and Sallies), and will capitalize given the opportunity.?? Get a closer peak at individuals' feeding to guide you in selecting a pattern suitable to the moment and water (and fish!) at hand.?? Look for caddis emergences and ovipositing to pick up with the waning light of day into dusk, to wrap it all up.?? By this time, it may well seem the universe has aligned?Ķ?? at least where you're standing, if only for that moment, it quite probably has.??????

PATTERNS: Caddis:?? Morrish's Hotwire Caddis Amber, Olive #14; Silvey's Edible Emerger Tan, Olive #14; King Prince #14-#16; Quigley Micro Caddis Emerger #20-#22 (dropper candidate!); X2 Caddis Tan, Olive #14-#16; HiViz Caddis #14; Parachute Caddis #14-#18; Hemingway Caddis #18; CDC Caddis Tan #16; Last Call Caddis #14-#16; Dead Caddis #16-#18; and, Soft Hackles

PMD's:?? Tungstud Nymph Amber #14-#16; BH FB PT Brown #16-#18; Sproat PMD #16; Almost Dun PMD #16-#18; Sparkle Dun PMD #16-#18; CDC Comparadun PMD #16-#18

PED's:?? Extended Dun Callibaetis #14

Sallies:?? Hairy Yellow Sally #14-#16; Yellow Stimi #14-#16

Craneflies:?? Philips Cranefly #10; Parachute Cranefly #10-#12

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