Spring Chinook season is just around the corner

Umpqua River - Roseburg, OR (Douglas County)

by Todd Hannah


March 1 means Steelhead fishing is going to be over soon and "SPRING CHINOOK" season is just around the corner.

A couple of Spring Salmon have been hooked already by Steelhead seekers just this past week...... but don't get too excited as the bulk of the run won't be here for another month. Keep in mind this is the time to schedule your fishing trip for Springers as we do book full before the season starts and I want no fisherman left behind.

The free fishing trip contest that some of you signed up for on our website..... Drawing will be held on April 1st. Thank you for signing up and please feel free to visit our website and sign up....... Go To: www.theoregonangler.com Just click enter on bottom of home page. We plan on giving and donating several trips this year, if you have a nonprofit organization please enter it in the contest also.

Wishing Good Fishing,

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