North Umpqua River Fish Report 07-18-07

North Umpqua River - Roseburg, OR (Douglas County)

by The Fly Fishers Place

Summer Steelies are in but this is still kinda the begining of the action. However, recent rains will move fish around so headed down there is a good idea. One of the greatest feelings in the world is hooking a summer run steelie on a skated dryfly on one of the most hallowed rivers in Steelhead fishing lore. Efforts should be concentrated when the sun is off the water. Take a nap in the afternoon. Remember, flies cannot have ANY weight and split shot is not allowed. Non-metal core sink tips are allowed and are useful to have with ya. Size 2- 2 / 0 flies with plenty of action can land you a story to tell your fishing pals the rest of your life !! The surroundings are truely amazing and alot of times landing a fish is icing on the cake.

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