Nestucca River Fish Report 07-21-07

Nestucca River - Pacific, OR

by Rich and Kathy Youngers

River flow: ??3.73ft. @108 cfs.?????? ?? The weather forecasters are saying and good belt of rain will hit the coast on Sunday with upwards of two inches of rain forecast for the coast range.?? We will cross are fingers and hope we get because it is definitely needed.?? If it happens it will perk up the steelhead fishing and maybe bring some sea-run cutthroat upriver.

Steelhead Patterns: ??Size 4 Youngers' Summer Run,?? size 6 BH Lifter,?? Size 6 Cabellero Egg,?? size 6 BH Lifter, size 4 Purple Peril,?? Size 4-6 Undertaker.

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