Metolius River Fish Report 07-26-07

Metolius River - Metolius Springs, OR (Jefferson County)

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

Tucked neatly in a pristine pine forest this popular spring creek has much to offer during the hot summer months. Cool clean water, shady river banks and plenty of trout. Hatches throughout the summer keep anglers busy trying to match the hatch, but with so many insects you're sure to have something in your box that will work.

The Green Drakes are pretty much done for now??but you might find a fish still interested in those big mayflies. Green Paradrakes or Green Drake Cripples should be in every Metolius angler's box as that hatch happens twice during the year.?? Late May, June and early July see the first of these large mayflies. Then in September, a slightly smaller lesser Green Drake makes a showing. Of course Caddis are a main item on the trout menu through the summer months so having plenty of variety there in both pupa and adult stages.?? A couple favorites are the Green Elk Hair Caddis in size 16 or 18 and the Foam Body Caddis in tan. The latter doing a stellar job as an aquatic moth imitation when those insects are about.

The Metolius has a plethora of Mayflies that hatch throughout the year and the summer months are no exception. Look for morning??PMDs hatches??and the occasional BWO to make an appearance. BWOs will be very small, size 20-22 so be prepared. Rusty spinner patterns in the evening??hours can be very effective.

The biggest bug to show his face in the next few months is the Golden Stone. If you missed the hatch on the Deschutes pack up you box of big bugs and hit the Metolius. Golden Stones will start to hatch in late July and continue on through September. The biggest showing of these insects will be from Allingham upriver. Orange or yellow Stimulators, Norm Woods Special or the Rogue Foam Golden Stone work quite well when cast next to streamside bushes. Look before you cast, cast before you wade or better yet, stay on the bank! The Metolius trout weren't born yesterday. ??????

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