McKenzie River Fish Report 08-29-07

McKenzie River - Coburg, OR

by Rich and Kathy Youngers

Hatches of midges, Little Yellow Stones, Little Olive Stones, and caddis, . Nymph fishing has been the ticket during the day with most of the surface activity in the evening. ??

Call McKenzie River Shuttle Service at 541-896-0526 if you needed your vehicle shuttled.??

Suggested Trout patterns for the month of August:???? Surface Hatches:???? ??Little Yellow Stones, Little Olive Stones,?? and Pale Morning Duns.

Best surface patterns: ?? Royal Wulffs (Sz #12-16), Tan, Olive, Brown Elk Hair Caddis #12-14,?? Olive Stimulators #14, Yellow Stimulators #14.

Best nymph patterns: ??BH Fox Squirrel nymphs 12-14, GB Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymphs #14-18,?? Yellow soft hackle #12-14, Green bodied soft hackle #12-14,?? GB FB Hare's Ear Nymph #10-14, Prince Nymphs #12-18, Zug Bug #12-16, Cased Caddis#14-16,?? Golden Stones #6-10

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