McKenzie River Fish Report 08-29-07

McKenzie River - Coburg, OR

by The Fly Fishers Place

The Upper McKenzie is a great place to cast fluffy dries to hatchery and native trout including wild Cutthroats.?? The pocket water off Hwy 126 in Willamette National Forest is easy to read and reach. ??You may be suprised by a big fish if you nymph deep in small pockets of calm water surround by whitewater!! Be willing to lose a few flies in the process, but who cares?? Caddis and mayflies are the most frequent hatches. This is known as a "green" river... meaning green is a good fly color.?? Attactor patterns are normally productive as well.?? Floating this river above Leaburg Dam is a blast---fishing from the boat provides fast action fishing opprotunities in this gorgous west slope, fern laden canyon.?? Below Leaburg Dam, summer steelies are a little slow in showing up but there are a few in and more to come!

DRIES: Green stimi, Purple Haze, Green Caddis, Yellow Comparadun, Coachman NYMPHS: Copper John, Prince, P.T., green rock worm, soft hackles, green serendipity STEELIES: A-leech (purple, black), MOAL leach, bright winter patterns work well.

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