Clackamas River Fish Report 09-21-07

Clackamas River - Estacada, OR (Clackamas County)

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

The Clack' continues to be your best bet for metro Steel'. Approximatley 600 summers have been recycled down to River Mill Park as of yesterday, but fresh new cromers were reported caught Tuesday near Feldheimer's. Best fishing remains from River Mill Dam to Feldheimer's.

With cooler water temps and cloudy skies, you can now enjoy a full day of fishing. No need to set your alarm at 4:30 am like you did in July and August. Don't be cute with your fly selection either! This strain likes larger leach-offerings with Black, Dark Blue, Deep Red and of course Purple being colors of choice. Although the water remains low, 10-15 foot sink-tips in type 3 or sinking Poly Leaders will make the way back into your tip selection.

As far as ideas for flies; Thunderhead Moals, Fox's Sleech and Exasperator's?Ķ. Crush!

For anglers fishing indicator tactic's, you can replace your small size 14 red Coppers John's now, and beef up your hook size a bit. We like DC's October Caddis, Morrish's October Caddis and the Jumbo's John's in size 4-6. Glo bugs should also find their way into the starting line up, especially with the 1st bash of rain?Ķ.

For the tiers fishing flies under "bobbers" and not afraid of being a little dirty, here goes: (It's not even fair!)

Hook: TMC 2457 size 4-6
Cone: 3/16 Blue Cone
Body: Glo Bug Yarn, Peachy King
Tag: Floss, Fl. Blue
Tail:?? ?? dozen strands of Holographic Flash in Blue in 1/69"

Only a handful of Coho has made it to the trap in Eagle Creek as of this morning, but fish are seen kegged up in deeper holes near the Confluence. Fish are being caught in the creek, but the target zone for Coho should be between Barton and Bonnie Lure. Hardly any fish will stray past Feldheimer's. Your giant Alaska Chinook flies do not work here, as smaller flashy patterns in Hot Pink and Cerise are favored. Lock-jawed fish can be seen in faster shallow types of water, but concentrate your efforts in slower froglike water and deeper back eddies. Coho are tail biters, and will chase your fly from behind. Retrieve your fly using fast 12-18 inch strips.

A total of 16,838 Coho returned last year to the Eagle Creek National Fish Hatchery, with even greater numbers predicted to return this year. Call the shop for updates.

Guide Info: Jad Donaldson and Jakob Lund. Call us at 503-639-6400 to book your trip

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