Lower Deschutes River Fish Report 10-20-07

Deschutes River- Lower - Maupin, OR

by The Fly Fishers Place

Well, this is a great time of year on the Deschutes.?? Trout fishing is picking up now that the weather is cooler.?? Steelhead are viable from the Mouth all the way up to Warm Springs.?? Nymphing for trout with a 6 wt is a good idea because you may hook a Steelie and having a little extra "wood" to lay on 'em helps.?? Keep an eye out for Fall hatches.?? Expect water levels to??be higher than normal for the rest of the season, work??has started on the new draining tower for the dam.

DRIES: BWOs,??Henryville Caddis,??Mahogany Duns,??Yellow comparadun, Rusty Spinner, Paraschute Adams.

NYMPHS: Copper John, soft hackles, peasant tail, Angle Case emerger, sparkle pupa, serendipity, prince, green rock worm,October caddis nymphs, wooly buggers (on sinking line!!).

STEELIES: Green butt skunk, macks canyon, a-leach, wally walker, red-winged blackbird, Freight Train

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