Lower Deschutes River Fish Report 11-01-07

Deschutes River- Lower - Maupin, OR

by The Riffle Fly Shop
(541) 388.3330

Trout: Trout fishing has closed on all portions of the lower Deschutes adjoining the Warm Springs Reservation as of yesterday evening, however it went out with a bang! Trout fishing has been really good over the last few weeks. And the river is still open to trout fishing from the northern reservation deadline down to the Columbia.The big October Caddis are still pretty thick even with the cold overnight temps, and the fall mayfly smorgasboard is rolling as well. Water temps are around 52-54 degrees near Warm Springs and the river is at about 4660 CFS out of the dam.

Steelhead: The fish are present in good numbers in the entire lower 100 miles of the Deschutes right now. Water temps in the lower river continue to fall predictably with the cooler nights, but are between 52 and 54 degrees out of the dam.As stated above, the surprise has been the number of big steelhead we are seeing with regularity. The Deschutes is know for good numbers of 4-5 pound one-salt fish, with a smattering of bigger two-salts and the occasional B-run beast. But this year we are seeing a LOT of real 30+ inch fish in the mix, and a good number of fish over the 32-33 inch mark. As the water cools we are having much more luch with bigger patterns in dark colors. Make sure you finish all of your swing as well. Many of the takes are on the hang-down.

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