Metolius River Fish Report 11-10-07

Metolius River - Metolius Springs, OR (Jefferson County)

by The Fly Fishers Place

This spring fed river stays around 47-52 degrees year round and it fishes like a spring creek! ??Averaging 1-3 fish an hour is the norm.?? Have patience... it takes quality time on the water to get a feel for this river's complex character.?? Patience will eventually lead to fishing success.?? This is a stalking trout stream, casting from your knees and from behind bushes to hide yourself from fish will help out--alot.?? Wading often spooks fish, if you can hit the spot without getting in the river, you are already ahead of the game.??

Goldenstones are but a memory.?? As the weather continues to be more wintery, look for mayflies to drop off considerably with the excepting of BWOs.?? PMDs are still around in very low numbers, but on warm sunny days, they still can show up. ??Tan, green, and brown caddis are around too.?? Little green stoneflies become impotant food this time of year and BWOs begin to be the main mayfly.?? Midge dryies are always on the menu for Fall/Winter.?? Keep an eye out for Mahogony Duns, fish can really turn onto these.?? The Fall Green Drakes are hatching but with the cold nights, they are very sparadic. October Caddis nymphs are a good choice too.?? Bull Trout are pretty much done spawning so the action has slowed down for these guys but they are always an option.?? Remember, prime rainbow trout fishing is between noon and dark, sleep in!??


DRIES: Paradrake, x-caddis, spotlight emerger, rusty spinner, CDC Baetis, Henryville.????

NYMPHS: Batman, green rock worm, serendipity, sparkle pupa, October caddis nymph, assorted mayfly nymphs as listed above.

BULL TROUT: the biggest and heaviest streamer you got!

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