Deschutes River Fish Report 11-19-07

Deschutes River - Maupin, OR

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

Trout fishing slowed due to colder water and air temps. We saw lot's of BWO's the past week, but not enough to really make the fish key in on them. With a dramatic spike in the gauge last night, I suspect the trout fishing will slow, but it should also push them into the back eddies where many will hold and feed until spring. Larger October Caddis Pupa's (Still!) with a red midge trailer or a BH Lighting bug might be your best bet. Swinging Black or Brown Woolly Buggers is another "secret" this time of year (Sorry Mike!!). April and November seem to be the only times one has great success "swinging" for trout on the Deschutes. BWO's in size 18-22 should be favored for fishing on top.

The trout fishing between Pelton Dam and The Northern Boundary of the Warm Springs Reservation is now closed. In other words, you can no longer target trout from Warm Springs to river mile 69 (Near Dixon Flat) Please note that you can only?? fish for Steelhead in this stretch of river, and using your 4 weight, 5x and a size 18 baetis will most likely get you a ticket and a date in court.

As predicted, November has proven to be good if not great.?? A spike in the gauge last night will probably slow fishing down a bit for a few days, but it will also move some fish around. In Early November, our clients caught lots of fish between North and South Junction, but Maupin is fishing great as well. Best chance for a B-Run will be in the lower 12 miles, from the Water Tower downstream to Heritage. If targeting the ladder, don't be afraid to fish slightly deeper and slower water.

With colder air and water temps, we recommend weighted leeches in Purple, Black, Blue and Burnt Orange... Say hello to Doctor Skagit and Mr. T-14! We fished a mixed quiver of floaters, type 3's and 6' in the last few weeks, with the tips out fishing the floaters 4 to 1. Now that we've hit mid-November and the gauge is spiking, it might be time to retire the floater for the year.

You don't have to spey cast or swing down and across to be successful! A nymphing stick, stout indictator, # 10 CDC Prince and a size 14 Red Copper John dropper put 5 Steelhead on the bank last week for one of my clients! He hooked a total of 10 that day! ?Ķ Don't hate the player, hate the game!

If fishing Warm Springs to Trout Creek, bear in mind that you are not allowed to anchor your boat below (or above!) Dry Creek on the reservation side, as permits will not be issued again until 2008. The gate between Dry Creek and Trout creek was reopened few weeks ago. This area will be patrolled by Tribal Police over the next couple of months.??

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