Grande Ronde River - Colville, OR

Fish Spot Details

Elevation:7444 ft.
Fish Species: Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, Rainbow Trout, Mountain Whitefish, Bull Trout

Latest Fish Reports

Date Report Author
9-30-2020 Grande Ronde River opens for coho salmon harvest Oct. 1 for first time in 40 years
ENTERPRISE, Ore. –Anglers will be able to harvest... more »
OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff
8-31-2020 Grande Ronde River steelhead fishery change
Action: Changes the steelhead daily limit to two hatchery... more »
WA Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff
7-27-2020 Grande Ronde Fishing Report
The river has been on a steady decline... more »
Orvis Company
2-11-2020 Grande Ronde Now in Fishable Range
Washington creel checkers found no anglers in Oregon... more »
Orvis Company
1-13-2020 Grande Ronde River Report
The Ronde is leveling out near the mean... more »
Orvis Company

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