Crooked River Fish Report 11-26-07

Crooked River - Prineville, OR

by Kaufman Streamborn
(800) 442-4359

It's time to put the Crooked back on the map. The trout population has descended here since 2001, but the fish count below Bowman Dam is still 600-800 pr mile. With winter flows around 50 CFS the river has "shrunk" considerably in size. A smaller river and confined trot lies makes this an easy fishery. Flows in the winter are usual between 50-100 CFS.

Average trout size in the Crooked is 12 inches. This means it's a great time to bring out the 2-4 weights. To avoid catching whitefish, fishing dries on top should be favored. Carry a good selection of BWO's and midge patterns. Most of the activity on top will be between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm.

Another way to find trout and avoid whities' is to swing black Krystal Buggers. Should you find some deeper seams, try a CH RL Kaufmann's Bugger in the same fashion. Scuds are the main menu in the winter months. The Crooked River scud has a slight orange color. A Kaufmann's BH SCUD in Orange or FL Pink makes a perfect match, although olive colored will catch fish as well. ??Attaching a Kaufmann Micro FB PT in size 18-20 as your dropper 12 inches below your scud will help out as the Crooked always runs murky.

Please note that ODFW and OSU are conducting a fish study on the river. 18 fish (10 Redsides and 8 Mountain Whitefish) has been implanted with radio tags. Fliers and posters will be posted along the BLM campsites below Bowman reminding anglers that all fish must be released without harm. 40 additional fish will be tagged in 2008. Should you have any questions, please call ODFW at 541-447-5111.

Best fishing is the first 6 miles below Bowman Dam. ??Bowman Dam is about 20 miles from Prineville. From downtown Prineville drive southbound on Main St (aka Oregon 27) toward Bowman Dam. 8 BLM campgrounds are open throughout winter, although none has water. The camp fee is $8 for overnight stays.

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