Bottom Fishing and Crabbing Have Been Excellent

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tradewinds Charters

by Tradewinds Charters Staff
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Sunday was a tough day out on the pond with some boats venturing out and others not due to semi-rough conditions.  On Monday no one went out and there are some restrictions for Tuesday morning.  More later in the day.

Bottom fishing and crab

The only boats to get out today were the bigger boats as there was a 40-ft restriction on all recreational boats and a 36-ft restriction on all of the UPV’s  (6-pac charter boats.  With those restrictions there are NO rec boats over 40-foot and NO UPV’s over 36 foot in Depoe Bay so they all stayed home.  It was pretty rough this morning especially on the bar crossing which by the time the boats came home had laid down quite a bit.

The bottom fishing was excellent with all of our larger boats coming home with limits for everyone onboard with lots of sea bass.  The crabbing was also excellent with some the vessels bringing home over 100 crabs.  Things are suppose to be calmed down considerably tomorrow but there will be windy/foggy conditions thru the next 4-5 days.

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